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The fixed rope route

Behind the Tabaretta Hut you will find the signpost “Klettersteig u. Nordwand”. Follow the narrow track. In order to follow it you must not suffer from vertigo because the slopes fall off steep. You will reach the entrance to the fixed rope route at the bottom of the rock face and at the upper end of a scree gully at 2550 m.

We have for rental the whole set for the fix rope route.

Ascent: 3 hours
Height difference: 500 m
Descent: From the Payer Hut the descent runs via the normal route. First the track runs north, then from the “Bärenkopfscharte” south east down to the Tabaretta Hut, from which you can descent further down to Sulden.
Hints/difficulties:This fixed rope route is extremely difficult but offers a magnificent panorama. It is sometimes endangered by rock fall and climbing with helmet is absolutely compulsory. In the most difficult part, the “geelen Knot”, “the yellow rock”, it is advisable to belay oneself with a short rope additionally.
Important note: The fixed rope route has no exit point in between. It is very demanding and there are no pins for stepping onto. You may only ascent under perfect weather conditions.
Equipment: A complete fixed rope route gear is necessary and rock climbing boots are recommended.

PDF information on the fixed rope route