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Current alpine weather report

Sulden in the Vinschgau valley offers 300 sunny days per year. These are ideal conditions for hiking tours or a holiday on a mountain hut ...
and your eyes will shine with happiness even more than the sun will shine.

General weather situation today

A cold front will cross the Alps in the morning.

Weather situation today

In the course of the afternoon, the precipitation will stop starting in the west. In the northern valleys the foehn will arrive.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 20°C
Min. 15°C

Mountain weather today

Pressure will tend to increase. Air masses will not yet be stable. Even in the mountains, cloudiness may shield the sun. The probability of showers will increase slightly in the afternoon.

Temperature in 2.000 meters: 8°C
Temperature in 3.000 meters: 1°C
0°C limit: 3100 meters

Weather tomorrow

Clouds will prevail in the sky with only sunny spells. Isolated showers, even thunderstorms, will form in the afternoon and evening.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 25°C
Min. 11°C

Weather development

On Thursday, rain will be possible throughout the day, especially in the early morning and afternoon. Some sunny spells are not excluded. Unsettled weather with precipitation is expected on Friday. The snow line will sink to 1700/2000 m. Clouds will also prevail on Saturday with some local showers. On Sunday, conditions should improve slightly.

30.05.2024 31.05.2024 01.06.2024
Wheater forecast South Tyrol Wheater forecast South Tyrol Wheater forecast South Tyrol
Max. 23°C
Min. 6°C
Max. 19°C
Min. 6°C
Max. 22°C
Min. 6°C