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Current alpine weather report

Sulden in the Vinschgau valley offers 300 sunny days per year. These are ideal conditions for hiking tours or a holiday on a mountain hut ...
and your eyes will shine with happiness even more than the sun will shine.

General weather situation today

During the day the upper air flow will turn to northwest, the air masses remain humid.

Weather situation today

Mostly cloudy weather. In the North often overcast and in the afternoon some rain is possible.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 17°C
Min. 12°C

Mountain weather today

The high currents will remain from the northwest. The air masses will still be humid. In the north visibility will often be reduced and light precipitation will be possible. Towards the south conditions will improve during the morning.

Temperature in 2.000 meters: 8°C
Temperature in 3.000 meters: 1°C
0°C limit: 3300 meters

Weather tomorrow

In the north the weather will be unstable with some sunny spells towards Resia and light rain towards the northeast. In the south the clouds will dissipate in the morning with increasingly sunny weather.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 23°C
Min. 11°C

Weather development

On Monday mostly sunny, only along the main crest of the Alps in the morning dense clouds with possibility of some rainfalls. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sunshine and temperatures up to 25°.

04.10.2022 05.10.2022 06.10.2022
Wheater forecast South Tyrol Wheater forecast South Tyrol Wheater forecast South Tyrol
Max. 24°C
Min. 4°C
Max. 24°C
Min. 2°C
Max. 24°C
Min. 3°C