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History of the Tabaretta Hut

The local farmer Alois Schöpf built this privately owned mountain rescue hut at the end of the 19th century.
Also family Zischg of the Rumwaldhof in Ausser-Sulden is said to have been interested in this enterprise. Theresia and Berta Schöpf, sisters of the owner, continued the business.

In 1963 the grand children Karl Schöpf and Theresa Wimmer inherited the hut, each 50 %.

For a number of years Franz Angerer, nicknamed “Stoffl Franz” from Laas, ran the hut and worked as shepherd. In 1974 the hut was sold to Waltraud Burger.

One year later the cable car for materials starting at Ladum alleviated the supply of goods.
Since 1980 the hut was continuously refurbished and extended in collaboration with the family of Hans Reinstadler.

Since 1987 Klaus Reinstadler and his wife Andrea run the hut.

A speciality of the Tabaretta Hut is the “North Face book”. Since its establishment in 1978 almost all climbers of the Ortler North Face sign up in this book.